Steven Halase: Programmer, Designer, Web Developer

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  • Constant Learning & Improvement

    I am continuosly searching for ways to improve my coding knowledge and skills. Whether it's CodeAcademy or other sites like Udemy to get the most recent knowledge available, I'm always looking to learn more.

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  • The Fore-front of Design & Technology

    With experience ranging from HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Java and Ruby on Rails my programming ranges across back and frontend environments.

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Phones and tablets have become a primary means of web usage and as such websites and web design should have a strong emphasis on displaying beautifully on all devices.


Both frontend and backend services are needed to deploy any website or application. My approach is to learn as much as possible about both sides for a full understanding of the entire lifecycle.


I always have and probably always will love working with code. Learning new technologies and different ways to do things more effeciently (hopefully) is what excites me.

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Full-stack Ruby on Rails App

Check out my most recent Ruby on Rails app which fully integrates Users, Sign-up, Pricing plans, and Fully-featured Contact forms.

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"You'll also build and launch a real startup that you can customize for your own business idea or online store. By the end of this course, you'll have learned HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, e-commerce and more." -Robeen Dey

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Currently I am polishing up my new adventure into the Ruby on Rails framework. I will be attending a coding bootcamp in the Spring and am looking forward to the experience! I am always looking to take on new projects and continuing to learn new technologies in the meantime. I've got experience working on Websites, Web Design (including logos), and recently Web App Development.

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